Lechner First Aid Sales Representative putting first aid supplies and ppe in a First Aid cabinet.

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Lechner First Aid Program employee servicing required first aid safety materials and ppe.

an effective solution for all departments

A cost-effective and reliable service

Lechner First Aid Supply offers a cost-effective reliable service to allow our customers to delegate their time to other priorities within their business. We understand; Your time is important. That’s why our program is customized to fit your schedule and your needs.

We ensure your employees and customers will have everything they need to promote a safe work environment and you can respond to any kind of situation. Our representatives have the knowledge and skills to be able to decide what products are right for you, preventing you from ending up with unwanted inventory.

By providing you with high-quality items to meet the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) & American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, we help you provide employees with a safe work environment.

Our reliable and convenient service will relieve the stress that comes with worrying about compliance issues and the safety of employees. When choosing Lechner First Aid Supply, you are choosing to create a safe and comfortable work environment for your employees and customers. We make sure to get to know your business inside and out to provide customized options for every part of your operation.

In every industry it is important to have the proper materials, should something unexpected happen. By providing your employees with first aid supplies you are reducing the impact of incidents within your workplace environment and giving them the ability to feel prepared. Your employees will feel safer, be more productive and reduce stress on your management team.

A Lechner First Aid Program brochure titled "Keep Employees Safe, Healthy and Productive."


Show those who enter your business that safety is a main concern

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A Lechner First Aid Service Representative and a Safety Manager discussing a safety brochure in front of a first aid cabinet.


Quality products and service at a competitive price

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Lechner First Aid Sales Representatives discussing a Lechner First Aid brochure at a table with a business owner.


Remove the stress that comes with managing a first aid program

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