An open Lechner First Aid Supply cabinet with various first aid, personal protective equipment, and safety items inside.

First Aid Supplies


Compliance at an affordable price

Every employer wants to provide a safe and healthy workplace. The availability of first-aid kits assures reduced risk by having first aid supplies readily available. However, in certain emergencies, access to the bandages, antiseptic, gauze, and other items can help heal injuries or can be life-saving before professional help can be reached. Lechner First Aid Supply strives to educate our customers on national safety standards and requirements for First Aid Supplies. Out of the first aid supply companies in the Chicagoland, we differentiate ourselves with our goal to ensure your compliance at an affordable price without over-stocking your cabinets with unnecessary items.


As the industry standard, this cabinet contains an assortment of safety supplies including adhesive bandages, dressings, eye care products, antiseptics, employee comfort items, and much more. Convenient door pouches allow for storage of smaller items. Perfect for medium to large industrial work settings.

FIRST AID CABINET: Covers five different categories: Lechner first aid supplies cabinet containing first aid supplies, ppe, and safety products.

1. Analgesics: 4 items 

2. Major Injury: 12 items 

3. Minor Cuts: 12 items 

4. Optics: 2 items

5. Thermal: 4 items

SERVICE FREQUENCY: We commit to servicing and restocking your First Aid supplies every four weeks (as needed). Most of our customers only use a fraction of the items in a cabinet every four weeks. 

$1 SERVICE FEE: We will only charge you a $1 service fee per cabinet, the rest of the charges is inventory you consume.

IT'S YOUR INVENTORY: You ONLY pay for what you need. We retain ownership of the physical cabinet, you own the inventory in it. We will not overstock the cabinet with unnecessary items.

CUSTOM QUOTE: When we meet, a Lechner First Aid Supply representative will quote you on the 34 items that make you compliant according to ANSI Z308.1-2015 CLASS B CABINET.

FIRST INVOICE: Your first invoice will not exceed your quoted amount, all subsequent invoices will be less, as we will only charge you for the items you use. We invoice you after each service visit. 


Advanced First Aid Kit​​​​​​​ Items

In addition to our Class B ANSI regulation First Aid Cabinet, as a premiere first aid supply company we provide customers with alternative options that fit their environment. We will be the First Aid Supplier you deserve to minimalize your stress by managing your program.

Our additional First Aid Products include:

  • 1st Aid Bag
  • 1st Aid Box
  • Box for First Aid Kit
  • Class A Cabinet

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