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Be prepared for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Empower your employees by providing them the ability to serve as a rescuer if the unexpected occurs.  The Mayo Clinic has stated that Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a condition that causes the heart to unexpectedly and abruptly quit beating. This is usually caused by an abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF). The only defense to sudden cardiac arrest is early defibrillation. 

By having an AED, you could save a life. We understand some businesses might think it’s not necessary to have a machine on-site. If you don’t want to buy the machine, we also offer rental for Emergency AED’s.

Through our rental program, there is no up-front cost providing a quick and easy service to you. We will ensure the AED is serviced properly and all AED’s within your facility is ready for use. At the end of your lease, you simply return the AED.

Zoll AED Plus® 

The Zoll AED Plus’ unique graphical interface combines text displays and voice prompts to help rescuers every step of the way. The AED Machine Lights on the pictures draw the rescuer’s attention to actions in the proper sequence. Text and voice prompt correspond to the pictures and help the rescuer perform every important life-saving action. These pictures and prompts assure that everything is done in order, and that shocks, if required, are delivered rapidly. 

A Lechner First Aid Service Representative standing in front of a Zoll AED Plus unit.

The Zoll AED Plus is designed for those who are not trained or have never used an AED to provide the services needed in the event of an emergency. 

CPR-D padz™, a one-piece, pre-connected pair of electrodes with Real CPR Help 

• Intelligent Pediatric Capability 

• Interactive Feedback for Rate and Depth 

• Consumer Batteries for Convenience and Savings 

ZOLL’s Rectilinear Biphasic Waveform


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